DAS Studio

The work of the agency prefers action to an overly intellectual vision of the job of architect. Construction and production are an integral part of the creative process.

Interested in architecture, scenography, design, cabinetmaking and lighting, DAS studio applies its new processes. Its aspiration is to highlight the team rather than the individual, grouping profiles with very varied skills, in order to adapt to different types of projects. The team is composed by architects and designers, but also carpenters, cabinetmakers, an electrical technician and a visual artist.

Two spaces turned into prototyping and production workshops within the agency allow for permanent back and forth. Each architect/designer follows the projects from design to production, through the execution drawings, in order to find a suitable and innovative solution.

DAS studio has developed a "minimalist" or "brutalist" identity. Working with noble, yet raw materials allows to focus on the essential and make the most out of the issues of spatiality and materiality. Working with concrete, wood, and metal, confronting them to each other, nourishes the aesthetics of the realized projects.